Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Barnes Fair

I think I can safely say the best purchase I have made in a long time is the gazebo I bought just as Homebase was closing on the night before the Barnes Fair. My optimism that the rain would stay away was dashed when I saw the BBC weather forecast on the 6 o'clock news.

Luckily with the gazebo and the fact that the heavens did not really open until it was time to pack up, nothing got too wet (apart from my shoes which are now two toned due to the water marks)! Although the sun barely shone it was a lovely day. I was able to wander around as my mum minded the stall. I was tempted by lots of gorgeous treasures but due to a lack of space in the car I was restrained and only came away with a set of six cups and saucers and a kitsch angel. I have plans to line the cups up on my mantelpiece and plant hyacinth bulbs in them in Spring and after a good clean ( in case my mum is reading this) I have grand plans to use them to decant homemade pink milk jelly into! The angel's wings move when you wind her up and she glows in the dark- I think she will be featuring in the range of vintage Christmas goodies I am currently putting together to sell at fairs and on line.

I am getting much better at parting with the treasures that I have for sale. It was tough to part with this picnic hamper but part with it I did. From the floral pattern on the china, to the cutlery and the colour of the lids of the tins there was a lot to ooh and ah about!

A lady bought it as a wedding present- I think that is such a good idea! I also said goodbye to this very cute Triang rocking horse but again it went to a good home- I admired the skill of the lady who bought it as she hung it from her pushchair and wandered around Barnes Green.

The poodle made it into another pram and the Scallywag book was bought for a little girl whose nickname is Scallyway so all in all things went to good homes. Now I think about it with these things gone there was room to fit some more purchases into the car... oh well!


  1. So impressed you managed to part with the hamper, such a treasure! So glad Barnes was fun, it's a brilliant, vibrant market, happy memories of being there last year!

    Jen x

  2. Hello gorgeous, how did I not know you had a blog?!! Your stall looks wonderful and if I had come across it I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven!! I am having another open house in October and hope to see you xxx

  3. Hi! Your blog and shop are so gorgeous! I love collecting vintage things too. I sell some of my finds in my etsy shop. You're right though… some things are really hard to part with!